Sunday, October 13, 2013

Photographs and Memories

The Old Market area is a great resource for taking Senior pictures.  Alexa, Kristin , Amber, Kaiya and I spent Saturday afternoon taking the last of Alexa's Senior pics.  What a fun, and interesting afternoon.  Kristin has a great eye for shooting sites.  Kaiya joined us and had a few poses of her own.  Favorite moments of the afternoon, finding that "right" spot for getting some great photos.  ...  Kaiya seeing police officers on horseback...her mouth literally wide open.  Kaiya seeing the young women with bright purple hair and saying somewhat loudly to Amber.." Mommy, look at the girl with the purple hair"
Early supper at Spagehhti Works.  The best...Alexas's great smile and knowing the gals accomplished their goal..Senior pics . Done.   Well, except for the editing.  Lol. I guess there is always something more to do. 


We spent the afternoon in the Old Market area on Saturday.  Kaiya was along, and she was basically our entertainment for the afternoon.  For a treat at the end of the afternoon Amber wanted to give Kaiya a treat, so we decided to go down the big slide in the downtown area.  At the top of the slide Kaiya announced she wanted to go down by herself instead of with Amber.  So...swoosh, and KerPlunk.  She landed at the bottom of the slide and not a very happy little girl.   Just like riding a horse, or bicycle, when you go down its best to get right back on.  This time Amber and Kaiya went together and it was a lot more enjoyable experience.  Needless to say, Amber has been taking the heat for the KerPlunk from Kaiya, and teasing from all of us!  Memorable.  Yes. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Monster plants

I planted 4 tomato plants this year.  I haven't planted any for a long time.  I tried 2 cherry tomato and 2 regular tomato.  I read on Pinterest that mixing epsom salt into the soil or the water would be good for the plants.  You be the judge. The cherry tomatoes just started ripening.  I have a feeling we might have plenty!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

License plates

On our trip to Colorado we saw many different car plates.  We decided to keep track of some of them. 
While looking at the list I noticed that I wrote in a comment that Kaiya made when Amber told her there was a lake.  


The Alluvial Fan waterfall at Rocky Mount Nat'l Park was definitely one of my favorite sites.  I could have watched and explored it for hours.  There is just something special about seeing the water cascade down.  Of course, I'm a rock rocks of all sizes so I couldn't resist all the cool shots of rocks that I could take with my camera.  . . . And no I did not take a rock sample home with me.  I did buy some polished rocks at  the visitor center though. The fan and waterfall was created in the 80's I think by a very large flood caused by snow melt. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

It is always wonderful to get a way for a while.  To see someplace different.  But I always find that after I am away from home I seem to appreciate home a little more.  The picture below was taken at Rocky Mountain National Park by Estes Colorado.  It was so wonderfully scenic and beautiful.  I enjoyed every moment....but then it was time to tap the ruby slippers and say, there's no place like home. Whether its a mountain , or the Oceanside, I will always savor the moments of relaxed realization of wonder I get from those places.  But seeing the daily beauty The Lord has surrounded my life with is the true wonder.  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


In My World...rose for Mary.

Rocky Mountain High

Recently I went on a trip to Colorado with my daughter Amber, and two of her children Kaiya and Ezra.   
I learned several lessons along the way.   #1. Kaiya is in charge.  This little dynamo will definitely be a leader when she grows up because she will take on just about anything.  Kaiya (age 3) was a great helper in the back seat when Ezra (10 months) needed entertainment.  She also felt she had the power to rename the mountains on the drive to Estes..they were not mountains, they were fish.  Amazing confidence I would  However, when we arrived at Estes she too was amazed at the "mountains". Each day we went outside she would say "look, I found mountains".  Again, that confidence came through, SHE found the mountains!...lesson #2 next post.

I'm back

Well hello world, I'm going to try my blogging again.  I have been away, for a break.  Partly because I now have an Ipad, and it did not allow me to post pictures.   So. hello world!