Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Lucky Winner

Yea! I won.
This is a donation that my friend Lisa put together for our local Catholic grade school fundraiser . She made the table runner, and another friend made the hot pads. Also included is a jar of Mary B's famous Overnight Coffee Cake, a lime green towel, some flavored coffee. Everything was put together in a cute lime green bowl! Looks great on my table. I will add the recipe for the Overnight Coffee Cake in another post. It is a favorite around here.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby Shower

So, Kristin, Chelsee & I have done a little baby shopping for Amber & Ryan's baby. HeHe! We kinda overdid it a little! But we sure had fun. This doesn't even include some of the other things we got.. I made the light blue/with ducks blanket, and found a matching sleeper and some other ducky things..So cute! Time is going to fast now. I need to work on another "baby gift" quilt. June 9 is the due date, so I better get busy.


This is a photograph of a coneflower that Alexa (my granddaughter) took at my Mom's in 2008.
She specializes in photo's using the macro feature of the camera. She seems to draw out the inner beauty of many images. Thanks Alexa