Thursday, May 26, 2011

"You Are Loved"

Lucky, that is exactly how I felt when I was asked by Lois O to join her in attending a Josh Groban concert in Omaha. She won 2 tickets from a local TV station. She remembered that he is a favorite of mine. WOW what a concert! I heard some of my favorites by Josh..yes we are on a first name basis..silly me! Fav's "You Are Loved" everyone needs to hear this song, and his Grand Finale.."You Raise Me UP" The concert was impressive, his ability to connect with the concert goer's with his music, sense of humor, and his genuine personality. Amazing to see him play the drums with such power! Also..he sang in 4 different languages, English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. I didn't care that I didn't understand every word...I along with all the others there "felt" what Josh was singing through the power of his voice and emotions. Again WOW WOW WOW ! The "opener" was a performer named Elew. I have never see anyone perform music playing a piano in the manner that he did..again impressive, powerful music. He played a different song with his right hand, and another song with his left hand simultaneously and it sounded fantastic. Thanks again Lois O for inviting me. It was a night to remember!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Special Tribute

Here we are, the Stitchin B group, with the Mary Brunsing tribute quilt we made for the upcoming Cattleman's Ball. We wanted a special picture of us with the quilt by the street sign for the alley named in Mary's honor. Our quilt will be featured on the Cattleman's Ball "Big Auction" held right before Sara Evans performs on Saturday night , June 4, 2011. Pretty exciting. Hopefully it will bring a nice sum to help fight off that monster CANCER. We miss you everyday Mary, but as you can see, you are still in our lives.

UPDATE: Our quilt sold at the Cattleman's Ball Main auction for $3,500. We are all so happy to help the cause to raise funds for the fight against cancer.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Kaiya & Pigeon

Kaiya's favorite toy is a little stuffed blue pigeon. There are also storybooks about the adventures of Pigeon. When planning began for Kaiya's 1st birthday party, Amber & Ryan decided they wanted a pigeon cake for her, and asked Chelsee if she would make it. We celebrated Kaiya's 1st birthday on Mother's Day. The cake was amazing. Chelsee did a fantastic job, cake made from scratch with yummy filling. The design turned out great, and it looked like one of the Pigeon story books, with a 3-D pigeon on it. Chelsee had the assistance of Kristin & Ryan. Those 3 could open a shop together!!! The cake looked so professional. Kaiya really liked her Pigeon cake along with all the other fun things she received. Can't believe she is a year already...officially on Wed.