Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Recently my daughter Kristin and I have been working on genealogy for our family. There is something so compelling to find the stories of family ancestors before us. Above are pictures of Lonnie's great grandparents on his father's side. The top picture is Johann and Phillipina Jahnke, and the bottom is Johann and Albertina Leitow. I wish we had a lot more information about their story of coming to America, and then to Nebraska. Both families were homesteaders in our county, and they were some of the early settlers in this area. We still farm the Leitow family farm ground. When I am walking around the land, and the homestead place where the Leitow's began their American story, I feel a wonderful connection to them. I think about the fact that, at some point, they may have stood at the exact same spot that I am on. That they too enjoyed the beautiful sunrises, and sunsets around their land.
Kristin is like a detective, uncovering facts, and maps, and bits and pieces to puzzles. We were extremely lucky to locate a box of very old photos with generations of pictures. What a wonderful find. Luckily most of the photos were labeled with names. Some of those photos tell their own the story of the Great Great Uncle that we thought had never married. He actually was married to a "mail order bride". We have their wedding picture. Sadly , the union did not work out, and she left him. Amazingly enough, Lonnie remembered a story about that uncle that his Dad used to tell him.
While I have been truly enjoying all the fun stories, photo's and facts about these people, most of my enjoyment comes from spending time and sharing a common interest with my daughter Kristin. We will continue searching and hopefully finding stories. We recently spent some time at the local library using I think we were both overwhelmed by all the information available, but anxious to check it out again..soon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time in a Bottle

On Feb 7, 2011 Lonnie & I celebrated our 35th Wedding Anniversary. WOW..that went fast. The song "Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce was one of our songs..and of course another favorite..."The Wedding Song" and a song from Fiddler on the Roof...I can remember a line from it,but not the title..."Where is the little girl I carried"..... Seems like only yesterday we were saying I DO! and after all this time I'm still glad we did! Remembrances of that day. Beautiful sunny weather...72 degrees. We didn't even need to wear coats. I remember Lonnie's Mom saying to me.."Happy the bride that the sun shines on". It made me feel so special to hear her say that because she didn't say sentimental things very often. I felt so welcomed to her family by those words. Walking down the isle with my Dad..John, he was such a special man in my life. He was my step father, but the only father I knew and he always made me feel special and wanted as his daughter. My Mom wishes for a happy marriage, and love in my life. And my Aunt Rosie opening her home to us for me to get ready for the wedding, and for taking some pictures before the wedding. All in all a wonderful day.

Blog Slacker

Oh, the dreaded words. Blog Slacker. That is what I have been. I check in from time to time, but didn't feel I had anything to share. But I did, I do, and I am. Sorry for the lack of attention dear Blog, while you are named Inspired Muse, sometimes the inspirator is slacken'. haha
Things have been just a little crazy of late. Daughter Chelsee had a kidney stone and headed to the ER in much pain. After a night of IV therapy and heavy pain meds, they transferred her by ambulance to a larger hospital in another city. Stone getting back to normal...but it all lingers in the mind.
So, an activity that my girls and I have been planning for the end of February is fast approaching. My daughters and I are having a "Scrap-Mania" weekend. We are all pretty excited about it. Everyone is suppose to have a little demo to show a technique, or show a sample of a technique that you have tried. The girls are waaaaaaaay ahead of me in this, the cool things they think up. But I have to admit, there is something Chelsee and I worked on together that turned out pretty cool...more to follow, I can't reveal any secrets yet...but soon.