Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Woman with a New Purse

If you want to give yourself a lift,
Just buy yourself a new purse.
There is something so fulfilling about finding the right new purse
Believe it or not--I found this one at a Dollar General store for only $12
What a find!
I keep a little organizer inside it to keep all my things "organized"
It is just the right size also.
And the zebra print is just so much fun!
This is definitely a winter blahs cheer up!

My Geisha's

Growing up I developed a liking for Oriental things.
I have a beautiful oriental musical jewelry box that I purchased from a vendor on Olivera' Street in L.A. when I was 13. It is one of my favorites.
These dolls came from my Uncle Ben, who was my Godfather.
Uncle Ben was in the Navy, and seemed very exotic to me growing up.
He would come home with his wife Dee every few years.
What a wonderful story teller he was.
He purchased these dolls while overseas as a gift for his wife Dee.
I purchased them at his estate auction years ago, and I am so glad I have them. My favorite is the top doll, she seems to have such grace. I always thought the other doll was rather stern!
A wonderful sentimental addition to my small collection!