Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Old grumpy face.

Our cat Riley could be the star in the book...a Tail of Two Kitties,  he would be the evil cat in the story.  Notice the spin off of ...ATale of Two Cities.   We are still, after over a year of having a cat and dog in the house...still trying to get Riley to accept our dog.  He is just outright stalking the poor dog.  

I haven't been posting much.  Just kinda of got lost in all the things happening in life.  Some good, some just busy things.  I'm hoping to be a little better with my blog.  

I'm looking forward to the boutique that my quilt friends and I are having..we have been putting in a lot of extra sewing time.  I hope to post some pics soon of some of the items I've made.

My goal every day is to head to bed sooner, but lets face it, I'm a night owl.  I think I take after my great Aunt Elizabeth, one of my fav aunts.  I remember getting letters from her saying, well, it's time I sign off now, it's 1am in the morn.   I thought wow, she stays up late...well so do I now!  Haha.

Great news is the addition of our Grandson, ,born a month premature, but doing great.  His name is Ezra Leo......middle name from his Great Grandpa.

Well. More later.