Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's all about the Fabric

It has been important to the members of my sewing group to keep Mary a part of our circle of friends. Mary's family gave us a lot of her fabric stash. We have been using it for gifts for her family , and to add to the sewn items that we create for our donation quilts or items. It keeps her a part of our lives. Seeing her fabrics helps remind us of her presence, and we often feel the spirit of her guidance, steering us to just the right project. We decided to each pick a small amount of her fabric and use it for our Christmas gifts to each other. We each made something, wrapped it up special, then drew high cards to choose our packages. Here are pictures from that night.

This present is still unopened, and Mary Beth is the recipient. After she opens it I will add her picture. Made by Berny. I will say that the present I sewed was made with fabric that was all Mary's and it was made using a pattern that Mary taught us. I finally mastered the "trick" of the pattern in this creation. I plan on trying to make a few more for Christmas gifts, I loved how this one turned out. Hope you will enjoy this Mary Beth (as soon as I can drop it off to you..very soon)

Melann received a lovely table runner, with some 3 dimensional prairie points sew into the seams. The secret about this one is that underneath the prairie point is a matching center to a flying goose block..pretty cool idea. Mary's fabric is the backing center piece. Made by Lisa

Jane chose a package containing 2 smaller table runners, the center print block, on the holiday runner, and the center floral block on the dark runner were Mary's fabrics. The center block with the wording looks so rich in color in the holiday runner. great idea. Made by Melann

Wow, what a treat I received. A snowman painted on canvas with lights shining through, and a beautiful star block that was stretched over an art canvas. What a cool idea. Mary's fabric was everything on the star block except for the green fabric. I can't wait to set this on an easel to display . Made by Lois.

Lois chose the "proxy" present. Mary Beth was unable to attend, so we used a packaging cube from Jane's birthday gift iron box to represent the gift made by Mary Beth. Lois jokingly placed a deck of cards in it. Her picture will be posted later also.

Lisa received a beautiful large table topper. The center light fabric was Mary's. Jane made this beautiful topper. I love how the printed light fabric makes the batik blue fabric POP! it was a definite WOW!

What a JOY it was to be able to share a Christmas with Mary in this special way. I will forever treasure the moments of fun and laughter these gals bring to my life. Thanks to you all.
We have learned through the years, it's not about the presents (but we LOVE them!), it is about the bonds that are created, and the times spent together. Merry Christmas Stitchin B's, we will keep putting one foot in front of the other, and "moving forward" as Mary wanted us to.