Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kaiya blocks

I just saw these blocks on Moda Bake Shop. They are adorable. I wonder if Kaiya would like them for a Christmas present! I could use some really fun fabrics and pictures using my computer printable fusible fabric. I could use pictures of Kaiya and all her family...and pets...what do you think?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast

A Time for Thankfulness!
Yes, I am thankful, that my Kristin is making a Thanksgiving Turkey for her first time. I remember the first time I made a turkey...I was just a little nervous about it. She seems so confident about it,,with a few questions. I'm so proud of her for taking on the Turkey Challenge! Lol...actually, I never have thought turkey was that difficult to make. Basically, the hardest part for me is to remember to get the turkey out of the freezer and thawing in the refrigerator for the right number of days. Once you figure out how long it needs to cook by looking at the chart for weight and oven temperature that is usually right on the turkey wrapper, the hard part is over. Just let it sit in the over and cook! Oh and the wonderful aroma that fills the house. I can just imagine the turkey sitting in her oven..with 2 hungry, drooling faces peering into the oven waiting for a taste test. No I don't mean Kyle and Kristin, but Dante and Cooper their 2 dogs! lol. Good luck Kristin, I know it will be wonderful.

New Christmas Tree

I am on the search for a new Christmas tree.
Since I got a different love seat and sofa, I no longer have room for the 7 1/2 foot, very full Christmas tree that I had. I really hated to part with it, but Kristin said she would take it. I didn't mind parting with it knowing it was going to someone who would enjoy it as much as I did.
Now the search begins. I want a "slim" tree.
I am undecided about if I want a tree that is pre-lit, already has the Christmas lights on it. I like the idea of convenience of having the lights already on the tree, but I am not sure how reliable the lights are. I want a tree that has a nice slim shape, but not straight up and down, I would like a little more fullness at the bottom, not completely straight. So if you have any tips or ideas about where I can find a tree that looks similar to the one pictured in this post, please leave a comment. I would also like the tree to be 7 1/2 feet tall. We have very tall ceilings, and I like a tall tree.