Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A special place in many Hearts

My friend Mary was special to many people.
She touched the lives of more people than we could ever imagine
She shared of herself, even when she was battling that monster..cancer.
and that is why she has touched the hearts of many...
and that is also why she is remembered in many special ways.
At a fund raiser for the CC, GA schools the honor of naming the alley between the schools and our church was "auctioned off" . The purchasers chose to name the alley
Mary Brunsing Way
What a wonderful way to honor her memory at the school where she taught,
and where her children went to school as they were growing up.
Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us Mary.
Above is a picture of Mary's daughter Mollie by Mary's street sign,
carrying on with all the inner strength her mother taught her through her example.
with a smile on her face, even while facing new challenges in her life.
Best of luck Mollie, you ARE your Mother's daughter..
strong and wonderful!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Up Up and Away

This is a picture I took this spring during the flooding. This was taken right off HWY 64 (West Maple St) by Waterloo on my way home from Omaha. I saw a couple of hot air balloons over the flood water and just had to pull over on a side road and take a few pictures. The funny thing is, my daughter Kristin and her husband just went to a Hot Air Balloon Festival near there this weekend ...and she has a picture of the same hot air balloon...how cool is that!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


After 4 inches of rain on Monday and another 40 hundreths on Tues we had some serious flooding at our pasture. Because of all the debree that was carried in the rushing water, our electric fencer was not working. So husband and I headed on foot around the perimeter of the 65 acre pasture. Let's just say that walking in knee boots through some really muddy, and flooded grass areas in the heat of the day was not very easy. Between the mosquitos and the water it was quite an adventure. We did accomplish our mission, and removed all the debree off the the electric fence wire. It took us all morning. Our reward...a fencer that works and getting to see 2 large Great Horned Owls fly out of the barn on the farm place when we arrived. They were awesome.