Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A special place in many Hearts

My friend Mary was special to many people.
She touched the lives of more people than we could ever imagine
She shared of herself, even when she was battling that monster..cancer.
and that is why she has touched the hearts of many...
and that is also why she is remembered in many special ways.
At a fund raiser for the CC, GA schools the honor of naming the alley between the schools and our church was "auctioned off" . The purchasers chose to name the alley
Mary Brunsing Way
What a wonderful way to honor her memory at the school where she taught,
and where her children went to school as they were growing up.
Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us Mary.
Above is a picture of Mary's daughter Mollie by Mary's street sign,
carrying on with all the inner strength her mother taught her through her example.
with a smile on her face, even while facing new challenges in her life.
Best of luck Mollie, you ARE your Mother's daughter..
strong and wonderful!

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