Monday, June 18, 2012

That old homesick feeling

Have you ever felt homesick for something that is a wish in your mind. A time or place that doesn't really exist or belong to you. A place for gentle tranquility to relax and enjoy. I envision a lovely garden respite, with a hammock or swing in the sun or shade depending on what is needed. The sight and scent of flowers dressing up the garden for you to enjoy. An interesting book in hand that wraps your mind with the story, making you not want to stop reading. Off to the edge of the lovely garden is a beach of glistening sand and gentle waves calling you to come and wet your feet, walking along the edge with the waves slapping and tickeling your toes. A place to listen to the birds calling back to the waves, luring you mind and body into a place where you can think only about the loveliness of the day...that is what I am homesick for....but in my mind I go there ...I am there now..

Monday, June 11, 2012

I am so frustrated with trying to use my iPad to post on my blog. I can't get pics I have taken to post , and I can't get linked photos to post. I love the convenience of my iPad for most things, but it sure has disrupted my blogging. I seldom turn on my regular computer any more. So..I guess I need to figure out how to be more creative with my blogging.