Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blog Slacker

Oh, the dreaded words. Blog Slacker. That is what I have been. I check in from time to time, but didn't feel I had anything to share. But I did, I do, and I am. Sorry for the lack of attention dear Blog, while you are named Inspired Muse, sometimes the inspirator is slacken'. haha
Things have been just a little crazy of late. Daughter Chelsee had a kidney stone and headed to the ER in much pain. After a night of IV therapy and heavy pain meds, they transferred her by ambulance to a larger hospital in another city. Stone removed...life getting back to normal...but it all lingers in the mind.
So, an activity that my girls and I have been planning for the end of February is fast approaching. My daughters and I are having a "Scrap-Mania" weekend. We are all pretty excited about it. Everyone is suppose to have a little demo to show a technique, or show a sample of a technique that you have tried. The girls are waaaaaaaay ahead of me in this department....wow, the cool things they think up. But I have to admit, there is something Chelsee and I worked on together that turned out pretty cool...more to follow, I can't reveal any secrets yet...but soon.


  1. Okay, Feb is nearly over--show us the goodies!!!

  2. BTW, did you find that you can't access 'My Sewing Serenity' anymore? Or is she just dis-allowing me? Oh well!