Monday, January 17, 2011


Life is a Patchwork of Friends.
I just completed, well almost completed this wallhanging. I still have to layer and quilt it. I received it as a Christmas present, already cut into pieces and ready to sew kit. What a wonderful way to get me kick started again to get sewing. The name of the wallhanging is called "Lifeline". (notice the zig zag rick rack "lifeline". This quilt reminds me that our Faith, family and friendships are our lifeline through almost anything, happy, sad, funny, or struggles, you just have to let them in. Thanks for the kit Mary Beth. The fabric is very special because MB chose it from the fabric stash of our dear friend Mary Therese B, She just keeps on giving and keeping us moving forward whether she is here physically with us or not. Yesterday Chelsee was looking at some of my fabric. She found my squirrel fabric and asked. Where did you get this, and why did you buy it?? lol. Well, I just told her the truth, it's Mary's fault, she sent me a "Mary Wink" and made me buy it. Mary and I always had a special squirrel joke..that just went on and on and on. Our Stitchin' group had lots of squirrels laughs because of it. So..moving forward, and keep lovin life. There will be something squirrely sewn in my future.