Sunday, October 13, 2013


We spent the afternoon in the Old Market area on Saturday.  Kaiya was along, and she was basically our entertainment for the afternoon.  For a treat at the end of the afternoon Amber wanted to give Kaiya a treat, so we decided to go down the big slide in the downtown area.  At the top of the slide Kaiya announced she wanted to go down by herself instead of with Amber.  So...swoosh, and KerPlunk.  She landed at the bottom of the slide and not a very happy little girl.   Just like riding a horse, or bicycle, when you go down its best to get right back on.  This time Amber and Kaiya went together and it was a lot more enjoyable experience.  Needless to say, Amber has been taking the heat for the KerPlunk from Kaiya, and teasing from all of us!  Memorable.  Yes. 

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