Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rocky Mountain High

Recently I went on a trip to Colorado with my daughter Amber, and two of her children Kaiya and Ezra.   
I learned several lessons along the way.   #1. Kaiya is in charge.  This little dynamo will definitely be a leader when she grows up because she will take on just about anything.  Kaiya (age 3) was a great helper in the back seat when Ezra (10 months) needed entertainment.  She also felt she had the power to rename the mountains on the drive to Estes..they were not mountains, they were fish.  Amazing confidence I would say...lol.  However, when we arrived at Estes she too was amazed at the "mountains". Each day we went outside she would say "look, I found mountains".  Again, that confidence came through, SHE found the mountains!...lesson #2 next post.

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