Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hoot Hoot whose Quilting!

My Granddaughter Alexa came for a visit to the farm and brought along some fabric. I was surprised when she said she had brought fabric to make a blanket. Made me feel so good that she brought it without me suggesting. That let's me know she really wanted to sew and not just because I wanted her to sew!!! YEAH! Her fabric was a busy print of trees with owls perched in them, really cool colors. For the backing she chose orange minkie. I let her rummage through my batik fabric and she found most of her accent colors in there for the block border. We tried to keep it simple, so had her sew 2 different sets of 3 rows of different fabric, then cut them to 6" widths. That made putting the outer block border together pretty fast and simple. We did not put any batting it, the minkie had enough body and it has a wonderful feel to it. I did sew on the binding just to wind things up. To make it an even more fun day, Chelsee was sewing also. She is making a batik tridazzle type quilt using purples and blues for the main blocks, and creams for another block. Beautiful batiks! So all in all a fun Monday and Tues of sewing at the farm. Alexa was excited to be able to take home her quilt and show it off to her Mom and Dad.

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