Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Dear Lord

Mold and shape me

Like Clay upon the potters wheel

Strengthen me through fire

So that I may become a

Strong & sturdy

Vessel of Your Love & Joy


I took this photo at the Open Air Art & Craft show at Okoboji last summer. I have always wished for the opportunity to form clay on a potters wheel. There is just something so wonderful about having your hand covered with God's wonderful clay earth, and creating something beautiful or useful. The gentlemen in the picture actually turned out to be from Norfolk, Ne, not far from where I live. He and his wife travel to different Art & Craft Festivals.

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  1. Berny, thanks for stopping by for a visit. I see your post above about the fair--we are headed to the Holt County Fair tonight. Haven't seen a rodeo all summer. I'm taking the camera, hope to get some good shots.

    That popcorn cake is amazing! Great talent!

    Strange, I had a dream last night about someone asking if I wanted to try my hand at a potter's wheel. I think I turned them down. I tried it once centuries ago and I didn't like the feel of the clay under my fingernails! HA! I'm a clay wimp!

    Hope things are going well for you and your family. I will try to return and visit soon.

    hey, cool that the grandaughter is quilting-- she will find joy in that the rest of her life.