Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cuming County Fair 2011

Today was opening day at Cuming County Fair. My two favorites of the day, (other than the Pork Burgers with sauerkraut on them). #1 The windmills that were part of the Cattleman's Ball were lined up all together, it looked so neat seeing all the tops of the windmill blades blowing in the wind.

Also a favorite was the cake that the daughter of a friend of ours made for her 4-H cake entry. She won Grand Champion with it. When I went to look for her cake I didn't know what her design was, I looked and looked and did not see a "cake". Finally here MOM gave me a clue..and there it was ....a "cake" box of popcorn. The cake looked exactly like a box of popcorn, and she used fondant frosting to form the "popcorn", very realistic looking. Congratulations Kaylie on a job well done.

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