Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cuming County Fair Friday

My top two favorite finds for Fair Friday were easy to spot. My number one find was the book " Images of Nebraska State Fair" by Mary Maas. The author was sitting in a shady spot welcoming anyone interested in her book. I was lucky to get to chat with her for a bit, and she also autographed my book. The book is full of interesting facts and photos from years of Nebraska State Fair. One of the most interesting facts so far is that the Wright Brothers brought one of their planes to Nebraska and performed at the State Fair. Pretty cool.

I have always wanted to try Watkins products. I've heard by word of mouth of the quality of this product. Since there was a local vendor of Watkins with a booth at the fair it was easy to check it out. My Mom wanted me to pick up a container of Watkins Cinnamon for her, so I thought it was about time I tried it. As you can tell by the picture I splurged a little bit. I just love the look of the containers with their nostalgic design. Also, Watkins has a "gold" card that you get a punch for the items you buy and when it's full, you get $10 off of their product...that's a great BONUS!

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