Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cuming County Fair Super Saturday

Every Cowgirl needs her own cowboy hat, and Briana even had cute pink top leather cow"girl" boots. She didn't call them cowboy boots, they were cowgirl boots.

Alyssa, Lonnie, and Briana enjoyed watching the Bull Riding and cheering on the cowboys

These little guys look like they are anxious to give bull riding a try, or dreaming of the day when they can.

Ok..explanations here...the picture above is the shot I was trying to get, of the cowboys, (local and from elsewhere) getting ready for the bull riding right before their names were announced to the crowd. Well, I was taking pictures without my glasses, (which apparently is just as bad as when I text without my glasses) and zoomed, but did not see what was being zoomed in on, I just kept shooting pictures, because with the bright sunlight, you can not see the screen on the back of the digital I kinda lined up and shot pictures. The lower picture is what I got...believe me, I did not mean to take it, but Briana saw it and thought it was hilarious...ok..seriously MB....I feel a book mark "Cowboy Up!" design developing !!!! just kidding.

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