Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I've Got a Secret

I am so excited. I found an old movie on DVD that my Mom and I used to always watch together (it was an old movie then, even older now!!!). The title is "I Remember Mama". My Mom used to let me stay up to watch old movies with her. This "special" treat started when I was very sick and had to take medicine at regular intervals. Instead of making me go to sleep, then waking me up for the last dose, she would let me stay up and watch TV with her. At that time, there were late night movies on. (Sometimes I wonder if it really was very late, or if in my child mind it just seemed very late!) This movie was always one of our favorites. I ordered it from WalMart, online. The suspense of waiting for it to arrive grew each day. Finally today, my copy came. I have not told Mom that I found and ordered it yet. I plan on having her out for a special viewing, with treats and snacks. I can still remember my favorite parts of the movie and can't wait to share watching it with Mom again. I think we will probably look through family photos while watching. We are always multi-taskers around this house! haha.
I thought about saving the movie until Mother's Day, but I know I can not wait that long to watch it with her. So-- time to check the calendar and set up a movie day! Because you know " I Remember Mama"


  1. This is a really, really, cool and thoughtful idea. She is going to be so excited. You will get to relive your times of when you and she were younger. I like the treats idea too--and you won't be sick! She sounds like she is a great Mama... so glad you still have her around to do this sort of thing. You have a nice little story here of a childhood memory.

  2. Hey Berny, how did the get-together go? Hope you shared lots of laughs.