Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So Amber started the Clarisonic want/need off by getting the first one. After Chelsee & Kristin saw how great it was for the skin, they both want/needed one. After research by all of us..lol.. we discovered that it might be a possible answer to some skin care issues that they were having. If this works, it would be better than using medication, and be better for the whole body. So, we found a promotion where there was a great buy two with a price reduction, plus some free stuff. So birthday gifts for both Kristin & Chelsee! Kristin chose lavender and Chelsee chose the turquoise. Also, this was really cool, we ordered them right from the Clarisonic web site. They offer free engraving, so they each have their first name engraved right on the MIA! How cool is that. The Mia is actually a smaller version of the larger Clarisonic, but will be great for travel and regular use. Feels so good to find a product that will be helpful!

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