Friday, March 25, 2011

This is Why I'm a Keeper

"Mom, why do you keep all that STUFF?"
The card above is part of why I am a "keeper", and "saver". When I was a young girl I started saving greeting cards that I received. Sad to say I don't have all of them. However, I do have quite a few of them. The card above was always one of my favorites, and it came from my Great Aunt Elizabeth Vandenberg Keller. She was the sister to my Grandmother Mary Vandenberg Westerman. Aunt Elizabeth was a great story teller, so many of my aunts and uncles were. I wish I had the talent that they had in capturing their audience of nieces, nephews and their family members. Aunt Elizabeth wrote many letters to me over the years. I have saved some of them. Now I wish I had them all. When I started saving my cards, I remember keeping them in a special box. I loved reviewing each and everyone of them from time to time. I remember wishing I had the cute hairstyle that the girl on this card had, and Oh, how I would have loved to had the telephone too! The best part was always inside...the sweet message, but the best was how she always signed ....Love Aunt Elizabeth in her beautiful scrolling hand writing.
When I look at this card even today, and the other cards I have, it brings a wonderful memory alive in my heart, even when that special person is no longer here with me. Oh yes, I'm a keeper, a saver....and I will continue to enjoy the cherished memories looking at my"stuff" brings. and YES, I still save most of my cards! Just can't part with them. They make wonderful bookmarks and are a great reminder when I open my book, and find them inside with whatever sentiment is tucked inside of them. Yes indeed, I'm a keeper!


  1. Berny, thanks so much for your sweet and comforting and knowing comment on the loss of my friend. I shall look for the 'Barb moments' you spoke of, I started to look for them right away. Our friendship definitely had it's ups and downs, but we stuck it out. Now a comment for your post! I am a keeper also, have everything from my kids, and everything from my mom (cards), and every card from my husband. I never thought of using them for bookmarks--great idea to be able to have them handy and to open and be transported back to another time. They are tangible reminders of love--and isn't it special to see their handwriting? It's almost as if they are right there with you. Do you have snow your way? Soon, it will be mud time on the farm, right? Have a great day, talk with you soon.

  2. Berny,

    Elizabeth and Mary were my great-aunts and sister of my grandmother Aloysia.

    I have many cards, information and copies of photos taken by Elizabeth and her sisters.

    Dave S.