Monday, December 27, 2010

It's Scrap a lappin time!

I have found a new hobby. Scrapbooking & crafting with the Cricut machine. It is so amazing. I got one for my birthday this fall. Chelsee has made great use of the Cricut making Christmas gifts, and scrapbooking. She has made some beautiful designs and has a flair of putting just the right papers and designs together. I'm still a novice and it take me a lot longer to figure out what I am doing. But I am getting there. Daughters Amber & Kristin are enjoying this hobby also, and each have a Cricut machine of their own. When we get together for a scrapbooking day, the paper is flying! Great memories made together.


  1. Hmmm... this does look interesting. I like to scrapbook when I get the time. Mostly, now, I do on-line photo books like Shutterfly.

  2. P.S. With that icky weather headed our way this weekend, you may just be using this machine so much it might start smokin!

  3. I just bought some "wall vinyl" to make a saying or a verse to put up on my wall. It has special adhesive to attach to the wall with. My daughter made some really cute "cookbooks" for her sisters using the cricut also. I think that they will be treasures for years to come.