Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions - 2011

This is one of my favorite crazy cards ...basically "You're as young as you feel" I don't think about age hardly ever. Not something I can do anything about, so I don't fret about it. That's pretty much how I feel about resolutions too, I might need to work on something...but.......
Do I make resolutions for the New Year? Well I will admit I am not very good at "making a list" of resolutions. I should be. It's good to reflect on things you want to change, adjust, or work on in your life. I hear many people talking about a "bucket list" now days also. I don't believe in a bucket list. I guess I feel that if there is something you really want to do..DO IT. But it doesn't have to be on some end of time bucket list. I feel that the enjoyment of doing something special, or adventurous, or just because you have always wanted to do it is somehow lessoned if you look at it as if you are only doing it because it's on your "I'm doing this because its on my bucket list". I guess what I'm trying to say is basically this.
1. I'm making a resolution to look at my relationship with my Lord, my family, and friends and try to work on the areas where I need a little sprucing up.
2. I'm not making the old "I'm going to lose weight resolution....because frankly I don't seem to do very well with it. I put this imaginary pressure on myself and usually end up sabotaging my efforts. So--I'm going to work on eating healthier, more exercise, and better attitude...and if some weight loss happens..that's Bonus....but I AM NOT GIVING UP MY CHOCOLATE! It's here to stay, but I will try not to overdo..a little here and there fine.
3. NO BUCKET LIST FOR ME.....but I am going to make an effort to do and enjoy the things I want/need to do. Want and need are two very hard words to categorize. I may want and need be it! If I want and don't need...well I might have to do a little thinking about it. If I need but don't want...well let's see, that doesn't happend too much.
Anyway...happy new year from my heart to yours.


  1. Great post--great thoughts--great ideas! Great resolutions! I put #1 on my list last year, but it's a good one to keep on the list ALL the time.
    Love the ladies on the card, too! Wouldn't it be COOL to have a car like that?

  2. Yes, a car like that would be so much fun. My Stitchin gals would love it. We get together about once a month. We usually have a quilting project, or donation project going. We also go to Kohles Acres by Yankton once a year. Usually the last weekend in Jan, we rent a cabin and just enjoy sewing, laughing, watching movies, dancing, and whatever nonesense we can think of. Great fun.