Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in the 70's

One year for Christmas I received this black leather fringed/beaded coat. It was amazing. It was made by a woman in Winnebago. I still remember going to her very small home and getting measured for it...and it still was too big for me! I loved wearing that fringe coat, and how it felt when I moved..the fringes and beads moving with me. I wish I still had it, but I gave it go a cousin of mine and her dog had an accident on it. My hair is longer than it appears in this picture...I also had "hot rollers" and did a curl job on my hair that really curled it a lot. Of course I am wearing denim fringed bell bottom jean..the most comfortable in the world!


  1. Heeheheee... I would have KILLED to have a jacket like that! Mostly, I would see guys wearing one like that, and if they had long hair--whoooo-hooo... watch out! Yup, I had the bell-bottoms also. Remember how some people would add EXTRA material to the bottoms of the jeans so they really 'belled' out? Rock on, Berny!! (I had hot rollers too.)

  2. I remember sewing a band of decorated ribbon that was about an inch wide to the bottom of my jeans. It looked pretty cool. Mostly I liked cutting the "hem" off so that they would fringe out naturally. I wore moccosins a lot, or the short black tennis shoes, or just plain barefoot. Oh yeah, I also had a pair of leather boots with a cinch ring at the ankle to wear while riding along on a motorcyle..haha..go figure.