Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recently I received a list called a Bucket list by email from a friend.  It was interesting to see how many of the things on the list I had done already.  And realized, that many of the things I hadn't done...I really didn't care about.  Here's a sample.  If it is marked with an X, that means I did it.  blank means NO

X  Shot a gun
X  Gone on a blind date
     Skipped school
X  Watched someone die
     Visited Africa
      Visited Canada   ( I would like to do this)
      Visited Hawaii  
      Visited Cuba
       Visited Europe  (I would like to do )
       Been on the Alps
      Visited South America  (not even interested)
      Visited Las Vegas  (drove through on a train once , does that count?)
X    Visited Mexico
X    Visited Florida
X   Seen the Grand Canyon  (on the train again, just going through)
X   Flown on a plane
      Served on a jury ( I was called up, but it settle out of court)
X    Been lost
X   Traveled to the opposite side of the country (been to both sides)
X    Visited Washington, DC
X    Swam in the Ocean  (one of my favorite things to do)
X    Cried yourself to sleep
X    Played cops and robbers
X    Played cowboys and Indians
X    Recently colored with crayons  (thanks to my granddaughter Kaiya)
       Sang Karaoke...(not at a bar, but with my cousins)
        Sang a solo or duet in church. (in grade school we sang for Mass, but it was usuallly more than 2 of us
X    Pain for a meal with coins only
X    Made prank phone calls  (is your refrigerator running, well you better go catch it..actually just
                 did this one to my brother one night on FB, and actually got him with it!  haha
X  Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose
X  Caught a snowflake on your tongue   (should add made a Snow Angel)
X  Had children
X   Had a pet  (lots of pets)
      Been skinny dipping
X    Been fishing  ( my brother and I used to go to a creek by our farm  .  also Fish Day at the Ikes
                     I loved to go with my Uncle Ben fishing
X    Been boating
X    Been skiing
       Water skiing
X    Ice skating
        Been camping in a trailer /RV
X    Been camping in a tent
X    Flown in a small 4 seater airplane...(actually I think it was a 2 seater)
       Flown in a glider
X    Para sailed across the water (YES, did this at Okiboji  and it was wonderful)
X    Flown in a helicopter  
       Flown in a hot air balloon   (love to watch them, not sure I want to fly in one)
       Walked on a glacier. 
X    Drive a motorcyle (just for a short distance, but I did it.  My cousins dirt bike
       Been bungee jumping...NEVER EVER EVER WANT TO DO THIS
X   gone to a drive in move  (oh yeah...the best)
X  Done something that you could regret for the rest of your life...(who hasn't)
     Visited Asia
     Rode an elephant
X  Eaten cookie or cake for dinner
      Been on TV  (I haven't but 2 of my daughter's have.  I've been in the newspaper though)
      Stolen any traffic signs
X    Been in a car accident
       Donated blood...(I'm a big chicken)
       Gone Curling