Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dog Years

So our dog , Johnny Cash is approaching his 1st birthday in May.  In dog years I think that means he's 7 years old.  Easier for me to think of him as 1 year old.  Life with Cash, as we call him is definitely a lot more active.  Here are some of his favs:
1.  Any squeaky toy...but his fav squeaky toy is his little brown football (we have 3 of the same toy)  luckily only 1 of them still squeak.  If this toy is missing, he is as excited as a little kid with a new toy when it is found.

2.  His favorite outdoor toy is an old brown basketball that the girls used to play with.  He loves it when I kick it and he chases it down.  He will play with this ball by himself also.

3.  His Number 1 favorite of anything is....believe this or not, ROCKS...he loves to dig them up, carry them, lick them, throw them, run after them,   anything to do with rocks...he loves.  Sometimes he sneaks them into the house.  He refuses to put the rock down before coming in the house.  Funny dog.

4.  We always joke that Chelsee is his puppy...the person he loves to play with most.  He is absolutely overjoyed when she comes home from college.  When she leaves he will stand at the top of the stairs and looks out the window and cry...a real low moan...like this...."moe  moe...moe  moe ...wooo  wooooo...it is so sad and touching.

Cash's Bad Habits...I don't think I can list all of them.

the ones that drive me crazy the most are...licking, slobbering...smelling  ABSOLUTELY   EVERYTHING!
Cash brings us a lot of fun and joy, he is a great companion for walks,  and I can tell him absolutely anything, and he does not judge me, or mock me.  He will mostly listen with those wonderful brown eyes of his.  He will even give a hug (which Chelsee taught him) when you need one. 

I will have to say that Cash is a super intelligent dog.  He was very easily house trained.  NEVER messes in his kennel...we always take him out of the kennel for that.  Probably the biggest nemesis in his life is our housecat Riley.  They absolutely HATE each other. 

Oh yes Mr. Cash, you have enriched our lives. 

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