Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Kaiya-nator

Kaiya thought that the new "cat bed" I got for Riley was a snugly place to sit with her "baby". Riley, our Siamese Himalayan cat doesn't fit in it anyway. I loved the print and the soft fabric, but "the cat's too fat". So go ahead and enjoy Kaiya!

This weekend the girls came home for a Scrapbooking Weekend for my birthday. They as usual accomplished more than I did!, But I did have a lot of fun times, and some extra Kaiya time too. I remembered that we still had the little kitchen play station that used to be Chelsee's --Kaiya thought it was great!

Kaiya also discovered that make up is FUN! She loved putting make up you will notice in several of the pictures, she has very "make up dark" eyes. She looked so cute and funny.

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  1. When I visited my stepdaughter's family in November, her little one (21 months old) watched me put on make-up and I noticed her imitating me, it was soooo cute! Glad you got some Gkid & Gramma time!