Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time in a Bottle

On Feb 7, 2011 Lonnie & I celebrated our 35th Wedding Anniversary. WOW..that went fast. The song "Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce was one of our songs..and of course another favorite..."The Wedding Song" and a song from Fiddler on the Roof...I can remember a line from it,but not the title..."Where is the little girl I carried"..... Seems like only yesterday we were saying I DO! and after all this time I'm still glad we did! Remembrances of that day. Beautiful sunny weather...72 degrees. We didn't even need to wear coats. I remember Lonnie's Mom saying to me.."Happy the bride that the sun shines on". It made me feel so special to hear her say that because she didn't say sentimental things very often. I felt so welcomed to her family by those words. Walking down the isle with my Dad..John, he was such a special man in my life. He was my step father, but the only father I knew and he always made me feel special and wanted as his daughter. My Mom wishes for a happy marriage, and love in my life. And my Aunt Rosie opening her home to us for me to get ready for the wedding, and for taking some pictures before the wedding. All in all a wonderful day.


  1. A Very Happy Anniversary to you and Lonnie! 35 years....we too celebrate that in April. Life moves along fast when you are having fun!!
    Love the wedding pic, brings back memories of times past.
    Glad to see you are blogging again!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding dress looks virtually the same as mine did with that high neck and long sleeves. We weren't allowed to wear the sort of dresses young women wear now-days (exposing the shoulders), but I wouldn't have wanted to anyway--would have felt just plain neck-ed! Heehee. We had the exact same tuxes for the guys--same color. I bought my dress at JCPenny's-- $100! My colors were the light blue and pink. Unfortunately, our marriage only lasted 17 years... glad you have had had the blessing of 35. I believe I wanted 'The Wedding Song' to be played in the Catholic church, but for some reason, the lyrics were questionable--can't think of what was so horrible. 'Sunrise, Sunset' is the title of the song you are thinking of--from 'Fiddler On the Roof'.

  3. Thank you for the post Joy. My dress was purchased from Schwisers in Fremont. While my dress was being stored there before the wedding, the hotel down the street exploded. I can remember how awful it was, and I went ASAP to get my dress from there and stored it at my Aunt's house. Whew!. My dress cost $150, and was purchased with money my Mom won at the dog races by Sioux City. Such a funny story, we didn't have much money, and my Dad's sister asked her to go along to the races for an outing. She didn't go very often..maybe 2 or 3 times ever. Anyway, she won about $150 and that's what the dress cost..she saved it for that. Felt kinda funny getting married in gambling money !1! ha ha