Monday, March 15, 2010

I love Parrots!

This painting is one of my favorites. Our daughter Kristin did it while she was in college. I do not know what medium/or paint type she used, but the painting is very striking and I love the size of it. She is an Art Teacher now. This painting is wanted by others in the family...but Mom is KEEPING IT for now! I love it
This photograph was taken by our granddaughter Alexa. It is an 8X10 in size. I think she captured the parrots perfectly. I was so thrilled to get this for Christmas a couple years ago from Alexa.

I decided I wanted to pair my parrots up together in a display. They are in my kitchen so I can view them everyday. The pottery was also made by Kristin (except for the pitcher with the flowers in). Pottery is also a favorite of mine. I say, don't keep it packed up somewhere, display it to enjoy!

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  1. Hi Berny, so glad you 'paired up your parrots..' heheheheeeee-pun intended. Your daughters are talented! Did you put up a new photo of your family on your side bar? That's a neat composition, and we are all looking forward to those 'greener pastures'! Thank you for the comment you left on my blog, I really appreciate it. I can share with you more about my little break from my blog, if you want to e-mail me. The e-mail address is on Fresh Air Life. So sorry about your friend's passing. I also have a friend who is losing her battle with cancer at this very moment. The doctor told her she wouldn't see Easter... will share more if you want to e-mail. Having better weather your way? We are! Yippie!