Saturday, September 17, 2011


I'm wishing these Hollyhocks were in my yard. I took this photo at a wonderful Garden/shop called TLC by Hooper Ne. My hollyhocks did not do very well this year. I need to start a new patch in a different location. My yard needs so much attention. I have a railroad tie big square flower bed that needs to be taken out. The RR ties are falling out of position. I have decided I want to do a landscaping brick circular design, maybe a different location, just need TIME. Hollyhocks have always been a favorite of mine. They were a favorite of my Grandmother Mary Westerman's too.

I had many wonderful times staying with my Grandparents. We would go for walks, hunt for "pretty rocks" enjoy the flowers, make just about anything possible with apples from their apple trees. I peeled so many apples back then. I wish I would have had my Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer back then!!!. We also played Rummy a lot. Grandma would get annoyed when Grandpa would help me out. Grandma was also the first person to get me interested in sewing. I am still looking for a sewing machine like hers. It was a New Home in a wooden treadle cabinet. She used to let me sit on the floor beside her and use my hands to run the treadle while she was sewing.

Enjoy all the wonderful rich colored fall flowers and foliage. Beautiful photo and memory opportunities outside right now.

"Memories are the heart strings that keep us connected to our past."

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