Monday, September 5, 2011

A Family Outstanding in a Field

Native Nebraska Grasslands, Ashfalls Fossil Park, Willow Creek Lake Park, 2 parks, one day, lots of driving, lots of visiting, food, and fun. We headed up to Ashfalls Fossil Park by Royal first. I made sandwiches and Kristin made snacks, so we picnicked at the park before visiting the fossil beds. It is a really neat place to see. The small world is what we all said when we discovered our niece Jodie and her boyfriend Austin there also. After checking out all we could there we decided to head to Willow Creek by Pierce NE, with Jodie and Austin in tow...right behind us. We picnicked there also, and walked along the jetty, sat by the waves on some rock banks, and walked in the sand by the beach. All in all a wonderful day, but there is more to the story...continued next post!

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