Sunday, August 21, 2011

Puppy Vision

Cash was having trouble coming back to us when we called him outside. So we decided to try the "Hide & Seek" method to see if it would help him. We started with Chelsee hiding someplace in the house and then whistling and calling for him. It did not take long for him to figure this game out. Since then he has improved greatly on returning when called outside, but still has not perfected it. This morning I decided to play Hide and Seek with him..I had been sitting by my computer in the computer room. I called him to me a couple times, then praised him when he came, and then returned him to a different room. The third time I hid on the left side of the doorway, then called for Cash. He came running right away and went right to the last place he had found me, which was by the computer. I purposely left a picture of Chelsee holding Cash up on the monitor. I couldn't believe his response. He looked at the screen and noticed Chelsee right away, and did the cute ears up and turn the head side to side look, then he did a little yipe bark at her picture. So cute. He did find me after I called him again. This game seems to greatly be improving his return to us when called. So I give it 5 Doggie Treats rating with 5 as the top!

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