Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.
And the winner is....I finally found a tree I like. It is a pre-lit (all white lights) slim tree. I think sometimes I will add a string of colored lights too, because I also like the multi colored lights. It fits perfectly in the corner, not much room for gifts, but that's ok. So far Fat Cat Riley has not attempted to climb it. Even if he tried while I was at work I would know if he climbed it. If he tried, it would probably would be laying on it's side. It's not quite as sturdy as the old tree. I do love the angel on top of the tree. I've had this angel for quite a number of years, and never had her on top of the tree. I have a variety of ornaments on the tree..all different (they each hold a memory) and that's what we like.

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