Sunday, October 17, 2010


In my world, Fall has always been a unsettling time. I remember growing up feeling a "wanderlust". Wanted to go follow the highway and just keep driving. See where the road takes me, and back again. I have always had the feeling in the fall for some reason. Get in my car, roll down the window to feel that freshness that is in the air, and drive, music blasting. I want to go for fast, long walks and take in every bit of "fresh" in the air. What and why do I feel that? I haven't told many about it, just a few, so now on my blog, the secret is out!


  1. Berny, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been so busy lately, and whenever I thought about doing a post, I would think the subject was boring and no one would want to read about it. I liked what you said here about that feeling that fall gives you. Fall always makes me a bit melancholy and very much aware of the passage of time, especially when I see and hear geese heading south, or hear crows calling in the country. The wind, the coolness of the air, frost on grass in the morning, it just kind of makes me sad. I don't know why that is. Every fall (more so than during any season of the year) I seem to take a closer look at my life and where I have been, what I have gone through and how we don't know what the future holds, that it could be good or bad. That's what I feel! Thanks for sharing about yours!

  2. I share your sentiments on Fall. It's like you just want to take in as much as you can because you know that winter hybernation is near. So roll those windows down and fly by the seat of your pants girl!!! Feel the freedom before the snow flies!!