Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Announcing Baby On Board!

I can finally share some exciting, wonderful news.
Amber, Ryan and Alexa are expecting an addition to their family.
Amber is expecting a baby , due June 2, day before Amber's birthday.
They had a fun way to announce the wonderful news.
We drew names for Christmas on Sunday,
On one of the papers was a picture of a stork carrying a baby bundle,
It said ???????Baby??????
What a fun way to announce their news.
We are so excited for us and for them.


  1. Can't have too many grandchildren!! Isn't it fun to have a 'second chance' to enjoy the little ones? Congratulations! Hey, they're finally getting the corn picked up here...

  2. This will be our second grandchild, and their other daughter will be 14 in February, so it's been a while.
    We are finally working on corn here also, but most of it is pretty wet, so it is going really slow. Lots of dock at the grain elevators, and long lines. My husband was in line for 3 hours today. Hard to get anything accomplished when you have to wait so long. Thanks for caring about those farmers.

  3. Hey Berny, how ya doin? Haven't heard anything from you in awhile--hope things are going okay for you.