Tuesday, May 26, 2009

photo by Berny -5/25/09
Oh What A Night!
A soft wind blew, gently, whispering
Come, rest by me
The splendor of the sunset
Shimmering on the lake
Rippling water,
Oh What a Night!
This is the view we saw from the banks of the lake not far from Amber & Ryan's home, and Kristin & Kyle's future home. This place is awesome. I am so wistful for a place like this to be near me. Accessible just by walking or a short drive. Is that jealousy? I hope not, just wistful thinking and I am so glad for them to have a place like this to retreat to.


  1. this looks like a scenic lake

  2. What a beautiful picture

  3. My husband would love to live near a lake--he loves to fish. I'd like to live near one also, in a cozy cabin, nice and peaceful.... until the relatives showed!! Oh well, we'd probaby have the place to ourselves through the winter. Great shot!!