Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast

A Time for Thankfulness!
Yes, I am thankful, that my Kristin is making a Thanksgiving Turkey for her first time. I remember the first time I made a turkey...I was just a little nervous about it. She seems so confident about it,,with a few questions. I'm so proud of her for taking on the Turkey Challenge! Lol...actually, I never have thought turkey was that difficult to make. Basically, the hardest part for me is to remember to get the turkey out of the freezer and thawing in the refrigerator for the right number of days. Once you figure out how long it needs to cook by looking at the chart for weight and oven temperature that is usually right on the turkey wrapper, the hard part is over. Just let it sit in the over and cook! Oh and the wonderful aroma that fills the house. I can just imagine the turkey sitting in her oven..with 2 hungry, drooling faces peering into the oven waiting for a taste test. No I don't mean Kyle and Kristin, but Dante and Cooper their 2 dogs! lol. Good luck Kristin, I know it will be wonderful.

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  1. Hope your Thanksgiving went well. Yes, turkey is pretty darn easy to do. I cooked a large one cause I love the leftovers. By the time we got every piece of meat off the bone and frozen in zip-lock bags, we figure we can eat for less than 50 cents a person. Very economical.