Sunday, October 13, 2013

Photographs and Memories

The Old Market area is a great resource for taking Senior pictures.  Alexa, Kristin , Amber, Kaiya and I spent Saturday afternoon taking the last of Alexa's Senior pics.  What a fun, and interesting afternoon.  Kristin has a great eye for shooting sites.  Kaiya joined us and had a few poses of her own.  Favorite moments of the afternoon, finding that "right" spot for getting some great photos.  ...  Kaiya seeing police officers on horseback...her mouth literally wide open.  Kaiya seeing the young women with bright purple hair and saying somewhat loudly to Amber.." Mommy, look at the girl with the purple hair"
Early supper at Spagehhti Works.  The best...Alexas's great smile and knowing the gals accomplished their goal..Senior pics . Done.   Well, except for the editing.  Lol. I guess there is always something more to do. 

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