Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fairy Tales Do Come True!

Alexa, Kristin, Chelsee, Amber & Kaiya on our Great Disney Adventure!

Chelsee, Me, Kristin & Amber.....Finally...Disney Realized!!!

For as long as I can remember my two youngest daughters have asked me, "why did you take Amber to Disney and not us?" When Amber was not quite 3 years old we went to California for almost a month, and visited Disneyland a couple of times. It didn't matter to Kristin & Chelsee that they weren't even born yet, they just knew they did not get a Disney trip. Well, I'm so happy and glad to say that a dream of mine and theirs became a reality. We headed to Orlando in January. We were a weary bunch of travelers by the time we arrived in Orlando late Thursday night. Amber, Alexa & Kaiya, Kristin, Chelsee, and myself. We were all ready to go early Friday morning for our much anticipated trip to DisneyWorld. Amazing would be the word I would use to describe our trip, and I would go back in a second. We had such a wonderful time. The trip the Disney was beyond expectations.

On our second day we did a half day trip to Epcot, and Sunday was a trip to Sea World. More adventures to come!

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