Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life is Like Jam

Sometimes life's best lesson are learned through some of the simplest everyday tasks. Saturday Chelsee and I made homemade Peach Jam. Through the process of preparing and making the jam I felt like there was a little lesson to be learned. Not just in the jam making, but a life lesson. Preparation, having a plan, adjusting the plan if needed, having all the ingredients needed, and of course enjoyment of the finished product. We haven't made jam for a couple years, so the search was on for all the utensils. Once everything was gathered, and the instruction read, we began. Most of the process went pretty smooth, but there were some little bumps along the way. No matter... we worked it, figured out how we could adjust and kept going. That is exactly how life is. We have a recipe, or plan for our life. Many times along the way things happen that make it necessary to adjust or change our plan. If we let it happen, we find that the change or adjustments actually can be challenging, but often work out very well. So, enjoy the process, and have a slice of fresh Peach Jam, and don't let the "sticky" times keep you from enjoying your life.