Sunday, January 2, 2011


You know it makes me want to SHOUT, do do do do do do do
I tried to sing it,but oh well, not quite the same. If you haven't discovered this product yet, you need to go check out the laundry isle at the grocery store. The SHOUT color catchers have prevented many laundry accidents at our house. Just toss one in the wash cycle of the wash machine with your items. I use them a lot with clothing, but also with fabric that I am going to sew with. Another great use is for laundering items made out of Batik fabric. If it is Batik I usually put two color catchers in. It helps prevent fabric colors from running onto each other. I'm not saying it will prevent all issues, but I have had great luck with it. It's also great to send along to college with those kids that think they can wash any type of color garments together. YIKES...major pet peeve of mine.


  1. Hey Berny, thanks for the sewing tip you left on my blog--about making the seams on the raggedy quilt less than 1" and the chenille effect. I will try that next time. I like your new style here... I also love that photo on your profile of that delish looking cake--wow! that looks Gourmet Magazine-worthy! And thanks for the tip here with the color-catchers being used for the batik fabric. I'm batty for batik.

  2. I think we are kindred spirits. (I got that phrase from Anne of Green Gables which is one of my favorite movies & books). I am also batty for Batiks. My stash has grown and is just screaming to be re-invented into a project instead of sitting in their stash tub. Thanks for the comments on the blog style. I'm not as adventerous as I should be with my blog desing. Part of the problem is I just don't really know how to make the changes. I finally used a jump drive just now to move some pictures from the camera photo pictures to the jump drive. Successfully! yeah!

  3. By the way, the cake was something I made last February I believe. SOOOO easy. I'm thinking I will make a how to post about it for Valentine Day. Do you think that would be a good topic?